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Mac People is the specialist in the field of temporary and permanent staff.

In addition to staffing, Mac People is also active in the field of secondment, recruitment & selection and payrolling.

Recruitment and selection

Based on a clear job profile, we help you find permanent employees at LBO, MBO and HBO level. 

Our automated search system in combination with file, field and media search guarantees an efficient recruitment mix. Permanent functions are brought to the attention via various (social) media.

Personnel Services / Labour exchange

Are you looking for temporary external staff for the duration of a project or for an agreed period? Or do you suddenly need staff due to extra work, illness or understaffing?

In any case, with us you are assured of a tailor-made solution; In our very extensive database of candidates, we look for someone who fits your company and the position as well as possible, so that you are assured of the desired quality that ensures continuity.


You have found a suitable candidate yourself, but you do not want to employ him on a permanent basis. In that case, we will take over this task completely from you.  

We ensure that all administration related to the remuneration is taken care of. For example, we take care of registering with the tax authorities, keeping track of and paying vacation days and money, deducting social security contributions and, of course, the payment of wages at the end of the month. All financial risks in the event of illness and disability have been taken over by Mac People.

’Candidate or organization,
we will find the right match for you’

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