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’We look at the person
behind the function’

We believe that we should look at the person behind the position and also to the vision behind the organization.

In addition to recruiting, screening and sending candidates based on experience, diplomas, motivation and passion for the profession, we also look at empathy and resilience. Because our well-being – and the emotions we bring to work – are just as important as our skills.

Roxanne, with over 10 years of work experience in childcare as an employer and ambassador of healthy childcare. Maartje, with over 20 years of experience as a director in the temporary employment sector and also active as a Brain Balance coach, knows both sides of the agency and has gained the most experience as an employer and matching personnel.

Onboarding is central and is necessary as an investment for a long-term working relationship. We look at the work plan together and go through the policy documents with the candidate in advance, in which we like to involve our direct colleagues.

This way, a new employee is known with the working method, which in practice manifests itself in being able to support each other in a custom made working environment and being an enrichment for each other in a team and on the work floor.

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